Infant – 5th Grade


Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Our Mission and Vision

the children's ministry of dayspring community church exists to glorify god and to strengthen the church through evangelizing and discipling children, encouraging and discipling parents, and equipping and discipling our sunday leaders.

We want to teach the Gospel and Biblical truth effectively, so families may be blessed and supported.

Parents, here's a tool to help you disciple your family at home.

Parent Resources Coming Soon

Stay tuned for some great resources for your family.

Our Environments

Dayspring Kids consists of age specific areas, each featuring their own teaching, worship, fun, snacks, and at-home activities.
Each environment reflects the truth that every phase of a kids development is unique and important. 

                              Core Values

Dayspring Kids is Committed To Be Christ-Centered

We will strive to make every aspect of Sunday morning into a christ-centered environment, opposed to a self-centered environment.

Dayspring Kids is Committed To Biblical Truth

we will provide a solid, biblical foundation by communicating the redemptive story and essential doctrine that allows children to think deeply and critically. We will equip children to understand and communicate the authority of god's word, who god is, what the true gospel is, who we are in christ, and what biblical discipleship is. We will focus on helping children navigate through their bibles and memorize scripture so that god's word is hidden in their hearts.

Dayspring Kids is Committed To Prayer

we will emphasize prayer in every group setting (small groups, large groups and mini groups). We will teach children how to pray alone, how to pray aloud, how to pray for each other and give them opportunities to submit prayer requests.

Dayspring Kids is Committed To Family

we commit to helping parents and teachers to accurately and effectively convey biblical truths in order to unite families around the word of god. We are committed to equipping families to take an active role in their child's spiritual growth.

Brandon Dyben

Dayspring Kids Pastor

I have always had a love for children's minstry. When i was younger, I had a misunderstanding of the bible and ultimately it effected my life in a negative way.

Because of this experience, I am passionate about making sure kids understand biblical principles accurately so they can be prepared for middle school, high school and beyond.

My wife and my passion was to disciple our own children, disciple our children's friends and the parents of our children's friends. God saw this desire in my heart and called me into full time ministry without the distraction of a full time corporate job. Now I get to spend all my time studying the word and sharing jesus with kids and for this I am extremely grateful.

Dayspring is exactly where my family and I are suppose to be. We are so blessed to be part of a church that teaches biblical truth and has leadership that is sensitive to the holy spirit.

if you're new here, i'm excited for the opportunity to come along side you and help you evangelize and disciple your own children!

Considering a Visit?

If you are new to Dayspring Kids, we invite you to arrive 15 minutes prior to the Gathering. When you walk in, look to your left for the Dayspring Kids booth in the Lobby.Feel free to check your child in at one of the stations in front of the door. *please note, check in closes at :15 past the hour. At this time doors will be locked and we encourage you to bring your child
into the service.

In fact, you can save quite a bit of time by completing your family registration form before you arrive. Just click the button below to begin!