Walking toward christ, with one another

We are better together.

Dayspring isn't simply a place where people gather, or an event on Sundays. Dayspring Church is a community of people connected to one another. And it's through those connections that we begin to experience true transformation in our lives, and in the world around us. At Dayspring, those connections are found in groups.

Open. Ongoing. Onsite.

Are you looking for community before the next session of Rooted?
that's exactly what connection groups are for.

Connection Groups provide a way for anyone at Dayspring to find community, any time of the year. These groups are open, meaning there's always room for you. No need to sign up, just show up. Connection Groups are ongoing. That just means they're not seasonal, and don't have a stop date in mind. Finally, they're onsite, meaning that they gather on the Dayspring campus to provide a safe and familiar setting. 

You're invited to join us in the Connection Group that's right for you!

All Connection Groups discuss the message from the weekend before, so you're never out of the loop. Show up any time.
We'll be ready for you!

Women's Group

CONNECTION GROUPS take place on thursdays from 6-8pm

Contact Jane Kaufman | 260-925-4599

Forming twice a year through rooted

Life Groups are where you can form deep relationships with others at Dayspring to strengthen you on your journey of faith as you study and live out God's Word together.

Rooted is your onramp into a new Life Group and the starting point for a life-changing, disciple-making journey. Through daily Bible study, weekly group discussions, and high-impact shared experiences, think of Rooted as Life Groups in training.  
Contact Abby if you have any questions about Life Groups or Rooted.