Core Values

These are the statements we live by.

The message won’t change, but the
Methods must.

We are passionate about connecting God’s timeless message in the Bible in a practical way with people’s day-to-day lives…their needs, concerns, hopes. We will not hold on to methods that worked in the past but which are no longer very effective. Rather, Dayspring will always seek methods that showcase how relevant God’s Word is to our lives and culture today (even if they are not our personal preferences or what we grew up with).

We are a safe place.

Dayspring is a safe place to explore God and faith regardless of people’s current lifestyle, understanding of God, or knowledge of the Bible…a place where people feel welcomed and accepted regardless of their faults, failures or doubts…a place that exudes realness, authenticity and transparency…a place whose people look a lot like Jesus, who was full of grace and truth.

Each of us has a next step.

Our faith is a lifetime journey of continual change in our attitudes, thoughts and actions, seeking to live out our faith every single day in all aspects of life…a journey of growing every day in our devotion to Christ and becoming more like Him…a journey that involves taking one step at a time, one day at a time. At Dayspring we will not stop, we will not lose our passion, we will not be satisfied, we will not get comfortable, we will not give up. We will each take our next step.

Caring relationships are not optional.

We will passionately seek to build healthy and caring relationships in our marriages, our families, our workplaces, our community, and our church… relationships that show people they have inherent value to God and to us…a way of doing relationships that is so powerful that people’s perceptions of God and the church begin to change. The people in our lives are not our “projects”, but we will care about them enough to “invest and invite”…invest in relationships with them, and invite them to personally experience our church and our amazing God.

We are contributors, not consumers.

Consumers consume, but that’s not Dayspring. We believe in our people…that each individual is gifted and called to make a real difference…that together we are capable of unleashing unprecedented amounts of time, talents, and resources that will change the lives of those in our community and in our congregation. We will all do something…we will all be a part of a “servolution”. Why? Because it’s not all about us.

An empty chair is a serious matter.

Every empty seat is a missed opportunity. It's an opportunity for Jesus to break chains, change lives, and redirect the paths of our friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers. But it's our job to make that ask and invite. 4 out of 5 people would come to church if they are just invited by someone they know. We care about filling those empty seats. It's a top priority.